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I have New15 ideas that can change your life,

I have New15 ideas that can change your life, do you have 5 minutes to read them? 

1. Think big, act small

Never let anything hold you back when you think of ideas.
You’ve got nothing to lose. Just make sure you act small. Put in the work and stay practical.

2. Problems are unanswered questions

Every time you experience stress over a problem, you’re basically sabotaging your life.
A problem is nothing but an unanswered question. So stay calm. And figure out the answer.

3. A firm foundation for relationships

Wrong reasons to start relationships include money, fear of being alone, abuse, needing attention.
The foundation of all relationships should be based onlove, respect, support, trust, patience, good company, laughter, sadness, and more support.

4. Nothing in life is free

You always pay for something with money, time (the most valuable thing you have), or other resources.
Life is a business. And smart business people spend their resources wisely.

5. Never be afraid of making decisions

Waiting, postponing, doubting, researching too much — it’s all not useful. Get your act together, and decide firmly whenever you have to make one.
And when you made the wrong decision, own it, apologize, and make another decision.

6. Decide to become a leader

Being a leader also has nothing to do with your title.
When everyone looks at each other because no one wants to take responsibility, decide that you will take responsibility.

7. Productivity yields results

There’s only one thing that helps you to go from nothing to something: You have to put in the work.
Make sure you value effectiveness over everything. Results matter. Get things done and move on to the next thing.

8. See yourself as a salesperson

In almost everything you do, you're selling yourself.
When you sell, be transparent, honest, and to the point. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t like you anyway.

9. Improve your skills

... in order to improve your self-confidence.
You only improve your self-confidence by becoming good at something: By learning, doing, seeing results, and repeating that process for years. Your confidence will grow slowly every day.

10. Value your friends

We’re social animals. When we’re alone, we die early.
So be nice to each other. And respect that your friends also have lives of their own.

11. Don’t believe everything you see

Don’t believe all the success stories you see everywhere. YouTubers, Instagram models, millionaire entrepreneurs: They seem perfect. But you only see the outside.
You don’t have to be a cynic. Just don’t take appearances for facts.

12. Learn to love criticism

It’s fuel for you.You can use criticism to improve yourself, your product, or your service.
Or, if the criticism makes no sense, it can make you angry, which is also a good thing. That type of anger is useful. “I’ll show them!”

13. Take care of your body

If you can’t take care of your body, you can’t take care ofanything.
You can influence your health by eating healthy, exercising, and treating your body with respect.

14. Happiness is a choice

You control your thoughts. That means you decide what you do with your life. If you’re unsatisfied, angry, or frustrated, that’s all you.

15. Create something

Make yourself useful.
Instead of consuming so much information, products, and entertainment from others, spend a fraction of that time on creating something yourself.


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